Floating Dust Photoshop Overlay Action

Floating Dust Photoshop Overlay Action

Floating Dust Photoshop Overlay Action

34 Floating Dust Overlays. Free overlay Photoshop Action included.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: ❤ 34 Creative Light Overlays in JPG File Format. JPG files come on a black background. Use the screen layer function for best results. ❤ Overlay Photoshop Action ❤ 10+ color effects action ❤ Instant download ❤ Video tutorial ❤ PDF help file ❤ Support! Please contact us with any questions at walllows [at] gmail.com

COMPATIBILITY: ❤ Photoshop CS ❤ Photoshop CC ❤ Photoshop Elements ❤ Photoshop Mix App

Please remember that all overlays work differently with each individual photo depending on a variety of factors including exposure, lighting, tone, contrast, white balance, etc. You will likely need to adjust or tweak each overlay slightly based on these settings within your photos.

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