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15 Golden Hour Lightroom Presets

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    Tue Sep 27 2022
15 Golden Hour Lightroom Presets

15 Golden Hour Lightroom Presets

N C L U D E D – F I L E S

Sun Kissed has been designed to bring out the atmosphere in your incredible sunset photos. With 5 base presets, these have been engineered to suit a wide variety of sunset and sunrise scenes. Why not use Rainbow wash for those subtle blue and yellow tones? Or perhaps the deep pink and ambers of Solar Rose is what you need for that mind blowing sunset?

This pack contains:

▶ Cream Twighlight Lightroom & Photoshop Preset

▶ Dusk DreamLightroom & Photoshop Preset

▶ Rainbow Wash Lightroom & Photoshop Preset

▶ Solar Rose Lightroom & Photoshop Preset

▶ Soleil Lightroom & Photoshop Preset

▶ All of these are compressed into 1 ZIP file