Skeirs Font Skeirs (Goth. “clear”) is an Arial-like sans serif font especially suited for screen display. As the Gothic Unicode range doesnt allow space for both upper- and lowercase letters Ive placed the uppercase letters into the private use area. When using the Gothic keyboard layouts offered here as well they can be accessed as … Read more

Skeirs Font


Midjungards Font Midjungards is an amply fictitious Gothic hand script. Beside my interest in history language and culture of the ancient Goths Im a great friend of J.R.R. Tolkiens œuvre—and in the intersection of both now lies this font. It is modelled on the italic style of the Elven script Tengwar. The name Midjungards (goth. … Read more

Midjungards Font


LSW Drachenklaue Font All right! New font. I actually wanted to do something different at first (a true font you know one that’s usable with real letters) but that will have to wait because it takes soooooo much time! Download

LSW Drachenklaue Font


Cardigan Titling Font Family Cardigan is casual sans-serif typeface. While the line treatment is nonchalant letterforms are clear and conventional making it one of those rare casual typefaces that perform well in large bodies of text. The italics are more naturalistic than the uprights but practical; not show-offish. Cardigan is available is 3 weights plus … Read more

Cardigan Titling Font Family


Chickweed Titling Font When you want entertaining casual headlines that take up minimal space Chickweed is your font. In OpenType savvy applications letter & numeral variations are automatically shuffled for a more natural giddy look. If you’d like a version with lowercase check out the regular Chickweed typeface. Download

Chickweed Titling Font

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